Workplace Health Inc. (WHI) provides Occupational Health and Wellness programs that improve employee health & productivity.  We value doing work that is significant and part of the solution in creating a company culture of health and well-being.

The driver of our corporation is the owner and founder Shanna Dunbar.  She directs her team to best serve working populations; she likes to say from ‘hire to retire’.  WHI programs reduce risk and save corporations  health care expenditures, while improving employee population health and productivity.

Our clients include private and public sector employers with a genuine interest in improving the health, safety and well-being of their workforce.  We demonstrate a dramatic return on this investment.


Shanna Dunbar, BSN RN COHN-S brings over 25 years of occupational health experience, focused on improving the health and productivity of employeesShe is a Registered Nurse, and is board certified in Occupational Health Nursing - as a Specialist.   She holds a Certificate in Workers’ Compensation Administration and Management from the University of California.  Her educational preparation at UCLA in Kinesiology brings a particular expertise in Ergonomics and job analysis.  

She has promoted cost-effective program management in Injury and Illness Prevention, Disease and Disability Management, and Workers' Compensation Risk Management.   She is BWC certified for Drug-Free Workplace Safety and Transitional Work Programs. She has provided health & safety consulting services to myriad business types, from manufacturing and health care to public employers and the construction industry.  All with successful outcomes and cost savings.

She has been instrumental in the development and implementation of wellness programs that improve health & productivity and stabilize rising health care costs.   Her expertise is in teaching companies how they can save money by implementing cost-effective programs that improve employee health & productivity.


Shanna Dunbar is an energetic and engaging speaker, who has spoken at several NAOHP

National Conferences across the country, and received some of the highest evaluation

from our audiences. She is motivating, relatable and very knowledgeable in her field and

would recommend her highly as a guest speaker.

-Cindy Ross, CEO & President, NAOHP