The American Health Care System is broken.

Employers are paying more and more for the costs associated with poor health choices. How do we turn this trend around?

With a positive and upbeat attitude, Shanna shares her passion and experience working with employers to improve employee health & productivity to reduce the overall impact of rising health care costs that burden American businesses.


Shanna has over 25 years of experience

in improving employee health & productivity. She is board certified in Occupational Health Nursing and the current President of the Ohio State Association of Occupational Health Nurses.

Certified as an Intrinsic Health Coach, she has developed and implemented corporate wellness programs that improve employee health outcomes and demonstrate value to the businesses she serves. A show host on NE Ohio Biz TV Shows she offers free advice on safety, health and wellness programming.

A warm and inviting personality with a passion for improving individual health outcomes while keeping businesses profitable.