Shanna DunbarRN, COHN-S, CCM

Shanna brings over 25 years of occupational health experience to Workplace Health, Inc., specializing in improving the Health & Productivity of employees for the clients she serves. 

She is currently directing Health & Productivity programs for corporate clients planning, developing and implementing health promotion programs, including health fairs, disease & care management and wellness coaching programs and is one of the few Certified Intrinsic® Health Coaches in Ohio.

She also has expertise in reducing overall health care costs for clients by developing programs that positively impact the bottom line.

She has been involved with development and implementation of Drug Free Workplace programs since 1988. She is also a nationally recognized speaker. She has been a certified transitional work developer since 2001. She is one of the first to be certified as an instructor of Mental Health First Aid Certification courses in the State of Ohio.

She is certified in Occupational Health Nursing as a Specialist (since 1993) through the American Board of Occupational Health Nursing as well as the current President of the Ohio Association of Occupational Health Nurses. She holds a Certificate in Workers’ Compensation Administration and Management and  has also been a Case Manager since 1993. Her educational preparation at UCLA in Kinesiology brings a particular expertise in Ergonomics and job analysis.

She has worked with employers in Occupational Health since 1986 and has promoted cost-effective program management in Health & Productivity Promotion, Substance Abuse Prevention, Injury and Illness Prevention, Disability Management, Workers' Compensation Risk Management, Mental Health First Aid, Medical Surveillance and Transitional Work. Her expertise is in teaching companies how they can save money with their health care dollar.

 Shanna Dunbar, CEO

Shanna Dunbar, CEO